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Jerkface gaming expands with our own kyrae jenkins! 

Jerkface Gamnig just got bigger with our own in-house talent! 

Social Media

Everyone has to have a social media presence, right?  We make content, so we have to make sure we can reach as many people as possible.  Follow us all over!

Breaking News!

Jerkface creative is hiring!!

One boss is a drunk asshole.  The other hates people entirely.  Get the story on how this madhouse came about.


Enhance your team and build your brand.  Take a group of indie misfits and surpass expectations.


Make them laugh and smile.  Keep them coming back for more.

As we grow, we have to expand our staffing to accommodate the needs of the company.  Jerkface is looking for interns!!

You have questions?  Well we have some really stupid answers!  Feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries or feedback here.


Bringing content to life.  Push the boundaries of what an indie content company should do.

Jerkface gaming adds blank bisou's channel

We're proud to announce that we're expanding our reach in the Jerkface Gaming brand.  Welcome Blank Bisou!

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